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Client Representatives and Project Managers

For 70 years the Sunley name has been synonymous with Real Estate developments across the UK and the rest of the world.

Over the past decade the SPS team have been assisting clients to realise their bespoke property visions, making them reality.

We listen to our clients, and tailor our services to support their needs. Whether it be internal refurbishment or a complete new build - the SPS team provide guidance and advice throughout the process, ensuring the client has clarity and control.



Honesty and integrity, without this we will never build the trust needed to act as the client representative and manage their projects.

Knowledge, by knowing our market and staying current, we are able to give the best and most relevant advice.

Personable, as the primary contact for clients throughout the project, we like to make sure the process is as enjoyable as possible; we enjoy working with people.

Our Purpose

To give the client confidence, certainty and peace of mind. By really understanding the project, we are able to be completely aligned with the client, ensuring their aspirations are delivered on time, on budget and to their highest quality.

We build the right team around your project, and manage that team from inception through to completion. This allows the client to focus on what’s important to them, without the stress and ambiguity that surround complex construction projects.