Kings Hill - One of Sunley's innovative residental developments


In the new millennium the demands and requirements of today’s homebuyer or commercial property owner are changing. Working from home is now commonplace, our children access the internet as a matter of course to aid in their education and our corporate and personal communication needs are more varied than ever before. With this in mind Sunley now incorporate sophisticated communications, security and entertainment technology into our homes and properties.

We are also developing new construction techniques in conjunction with partners enabling us to build the properties to even higher standards quicker and with advanced levels of energy saving features which has been recognised by some of the awards that the Group has won.

We are very aware of our heritage and so developments are sensitively planned to blend in with their settings by utilising local materials and regional vernacular styles. The careful preservation of trees and shrubs together with extensive landscaping where possible help to give every Sunley property a real sense of place within the environment.

The "customer comes first" is at the heart of our philosophy. Everyone has individual requirements and needs and we try to offer as much flexibility and as many choices as is possible.